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 What is California AB 516?

Effective January 1, 2019, California once again joins many other states in requiring all motor vehicles to display a temporary license plate instead of simply taping a Report of Sale (ROS) on the front windshield.

How does AB 516 Affect me?

Once the law goes into effect:

  • With AB 516, the document processing charge increases by $5 making the charge $85 for BPA participants (from $80) and $70 for non-participants (from $65).
  • Along with the ROS number, the dealer is responsible for transmitting the following information to the DMV prior to delivery, at the time of sale: Vehicle Identification Number, Year, Make, Model, name of dealer or lessor-retailer, purchaser name(s) and address, and any other information deemed necessary by the department.
  • The dealer no longer needs to submit a 5-day notice to DMV. The electronic transmission at the time of sale and delivery replaces this requirement.
  • Any vehicle that does not have two license plates at the time of delivery requires a Temp Tag. For example: new vehicles, non-resident vehicles, prior Environmental License Plate (Personal Plate) on vehicle, etc.
  • A laser printer is required to produce a Temp Tag.

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