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Use this category to order your bracket only if you have spoken with a representative from Big Mike's and a bracket is being designed for you. 

Big Mike’s Performance Parts’ STO N SHO™ is an aftermarket detachable front license plate mounting system that is designed for those cars whose appearance would be ruined by use of the factory mounting location. Stay in compliance with state law by simply STOing your front license plate when you want to SHO the beauty of your car.

Big Mike’s Performance Parts’ STO N SHO™ is a two-piece detachable mounting system consisting of a front license plate holder and a base mounting plate.

Removal and installation of the front license plate is easy

  • Requires only the pull of a spring loaded pull pin
  • Remaining base plate is virtually undetectable

The STO N SHOTM aftermarket detachable front license plate bracket mounting system is manufactured in the USA using quality materials and parts. The front and base plates are precision laser cut and hand burnished. Each tube and rod is machine cut and hand cleaned. Each STO N SHOTM aftermarket detachable front license plate bracket mounting system is expertly hand welded and drilled. After it’s assembled the base plate welds are ground smooth. The bracket then receives a coat of high quality automotive trim black paint. The final step in the process is to install the pull pin and test the product. While the bracket may look simple in appearance, a lot of time and work goes into making each STO N SHOTM aftermarket detachable front license plate bracket mounting system to ensure you receive a quality product.

  • Constructed of 5052 and 6061 aluminum
  • Welded and painted trim black
  • Built to last and comes with a limited life time warranty

Big Mike’s Performance Parts” STO N SHO™ requires small holes to be drilled on the underside of your vehicle. These holes are not visible and in no way detract from the look of your car.

All parts required for installation included, however, tools are required.

*Actual bracket may vary based on model




Reviews (3)

Peter G. Feb 9th 2018

Top Notch - Quality AND Customer Service

I have a 2003 Mercedes CL 600 so there is no "off the shelf" option. Since I live relatively close, I took a chance and e-mailed to see whether something could be modified. They responded, no promises, but come on down. So, plus right there for not shutting me down right off the bat. I arrived at the agreed-upon time and met with Big Mike. Great guy. He looked over the installation point and determined he had something close enough that he could modify on the spot. He went back into the shop, made the adjustments, a little more fine-tuning, and voila! Perfect! I offered to pay more than the standard price because of his time and ensuring the custom fit, but he wouldn't accept it. The product quality is excellent, I love how easy it is to take off and put back on, how "low-profile" the receiving tubes are so they are virtually invisible when the plate is off. 1,000% recommended!

Anthony G. Dec 1st 2017

2016 Chevy Malibu LT2 (Midnight Edition)

This is a product that is one of the easiest to install. It has a quality build and best of all, you can take it on and off without fuss. I live in Michigan, so there really was no need for a front plate, however, I do travel and wanted something to hold my E-Z Pass for the tollways. As for the installation, it was easy, but I think there must be some differences between the 2017 and my 2016 model (under the car) Black Edition. Per the instructions, they asked me to line up and tap 2 screws underneath. I did so, but I also noticed that there were screws I could have unscrewed and screw in theirs instead (if the holed lined up). This seemed to be a missed opportunity for simplicity, but it worked regardless. It took maybe 10 minutes tops, but that was only because I had to get my jack to get underneath my car. Other than the installation, I feel this is a great product to have installed. I wish there were more models on their site and as an idea I hope they measure all new cars as they come out to add to that list. It's fantastic though and I'll have to see about durability over time. So I will update in 6 months. Great job guys!

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